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Christmas Light Displays


Holiday Light Fun

Last week it was gingerbread houses, this week it’s Christmas light displays!  We wanted to share some amazing Christmas Light Displays that have been floating around the internet this December.




Light Compilation

These displays are a compilation from last year, but everyone needs to see these talking trees:

Fire Department Display

Here’s a fire department who got into the holiday spirit.  Pretty creative:


Neighborhood Display

Now this one is from  2014 and it is an ENTIRE NEIGHBORHOOD with synchronized lights.  I can only imagine what the cars think who drove through that neighborhood thought!


My Favorite

The intro to this is awesome!  I’m typically a traditional Christmas Music person.  Mostly from the 50s and 60s… However this display is my favorite and I have saved it for last:


Feel free to share your favorite display in the comments below!  Spread the Holiday Spirit!

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