Paying for Your Roofing Material: What You Need to Know

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Paying for Your Roofing Material: What You Need to Know

August 30, 2017 Blog 0

There are two options when it comes to paying for your roofing materials.

One is to pay your contractor for the materials.

The other is to pay the supplier directly for the materials.

In most cases when you have work done on your roof, you pay one person, the roofing contractor. The roofing contractor then takes care of all the bills associated with your project such as the dump fee for old materials, labor, and supplies. A carefully calculated invoice will have these costs included.

Typically, when you pay your contractor, he uses the money you gave him and pays for the other aspects of your roofing project.

However, even as you pay your contractor, your supplier bill remains under your name. If your contractor doesn’t pay your balance, you are still reliable for your bill. And if your bill goes unpaid for long enough, it goes into default. Defaulting on your supplier’s bill means they can place a property lien on your home. defines a property lien as:
A property lien is a legal claim on a tract of real estate granting the holder a specified amount of money upon the sale of the property. Such liens are often used to ensure the payment of a debt, with the property acting as collateral against the amount owed.

Suppliers do not care that you paid your contractor.  They care if they got paid.  If your contractor does not pay the supply yard, in their mind, you didn’t pay them.  You are ultimately responsible.

Now most contractors will pay your bill. However, in order to assure that your bill gets paid, talk to your contractor and see if you can pay the supplier directly. Paying your supplier directly will ensure that a lien does not get put on your home.

A word of caution, NEVER work with a contractor who will NOT allow you to pay the supplier directly. Some may have reservations, but don’t work with ones who flat out refuses to do it.  Be sure to look at reviews of roofing contractors before hiring one.

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