3 Main Causes of Roof Damage

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3 Main Causes of Roof Damage

June 6, 2018 Blog 0

Roof damage can happen in many different ways.  It is good to be aware of what can cause roof damage and what to look for.  In this post we are looking at the 3 main causes of roof damage.  If any of these factors apply to you, it would be wise to get a roof inspection before the next wet season arrives.

1. Poor Maintenance

When you don’t properly maintain your roof, it causes huge problems. 

Moss and algae build up, roofs and gutters that are not debris free cause dams during the rainy season.  

Any kind of dam encourages leaking. 

2. Extreme Weather Conditions

Wind Damage

Wind can remove shingles, flashing, and gutters from the home. 

Missing shingles and missing flashings/metal create entry places for rain and moisture. 

Gutters that pull away from the home or end up on the ground cannot effectively displace water from the home.  

Ice Damage

Whether it is hail, icicles or ice dams, ice does a number on your roof.

Frequent hail in the spring and fall months or icicles and ice dams during the winter cause damage as well. 

Just because you cannot see the damage after the icy season is over, doesn’t mean that there is not damage. 

3. Improper Installation

Improper installation will lead to roofing issues. 

The best way to prevent this is to hire a roofing contractor that you know is trained and certified in installation.  Many manufacturers have pro programs that teach contractors how to correctly install their materials. 

Look for these contractors (who probably also have a service warranty) to ensure your roof is installed properly. 

If you feel that your roof has any of these issues, call your local roofing contractor for an inspection.  Do you live North of Seattle?  We offer free inspections!  Call us at 360-652-4300 and schedule your inspection before the rainy season!


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