3 Reasons Why You SHOULD NOT Go Over Your Old Roof

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3 Reasons Why You SHOULD NOT Go Over Your Old Roof

March 29, 2017 Blog 0

First let’s clear up two common reasons people may want to do a “go over” (have a new roof layer installed on top of the old one).

First, having 2 layers of roofing does NOT mean that your roof is more adequate to protect your home.  In fact, it may be mean just the opposite.  Two is not always better than one when talking about roof layers. And…

Second, really the only benefit to installing a new roof over an old roof is to save costs.  If you go over your old roof, you are eliminating is your dump fee and tear off labor cost of the old roof. 

In order for two layers of roofing to work properly here are 3 items to consider when looking to do a go over:

1.       Existing roof condition  Are your shingles curling, cracking or bowing?  If your existing layer doesn’t lay flat, your new layer won’t either. If the shingles do not lay flat there is a high potential for leaking.  Why put on a new roof just to have it leak?

2.       Material of roof  Go overs can only be completed with an asphalt shingle roof.  Every other material needs to be removed and replaced with a new roof.  So in this situation you have to pay for a tear off and the dump fee.

3.       Can’t assess the underlayment  One thing that is beneficial with getting a new roof is that you can get a good look at the underlayment and roof deck of your house.  It is best to replace the underlayment when getting a new roof.  If your roof is past it’s lifespan so is the paper underneath.  Also, perhaps there is some subtle leaking and rotting that is going on from the older roof.   Not all leaks are big and can be detected from the inside of your home.  Your contractor cannot properly assess these issues without tearing off the old layer.   

There are other factors to consider such as the weight of the extra shingles on your roof, homeowner codes in your area as well as if you move, how will your multi-layered roof affect a future inspection. 

Ideally, it is always best to tear off your old roof and put on a new one.  There are too many areas of possible complications.  Still not sure what to choose? Call us at 866-ROOFING! We can discuss the condition of your roof as well as schedule a free estimate! 


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