3 Signs You Need to Replace Your Roof- Not Just Repair It

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3 Signs You Need to Replace Your Roof- Not Just Repair It

February 21, 2018 Blog 1

It can be difficult to determine whether you need to repair or completely replace your roof.  In our 2-part blog post series, we examine when you need a replacement and when you need a repair.

Part 1:  3 Signs You Need a Replacement

 1. AGE

The age of your roof is the number 1 factor in knowing if you need to repair or replace your roof.

Most roofs at least carry a lifespan of 20 years or more.  If you are fixing leaks when your roof is 18 years old, it’s probably time to replace it.

The material wears down and becomes brittle over time.  Chances are that another leak will show up sometime soon (soon even being in a year or 2).

Also, as the material ages, there’s a chance of further deterioration each time someone has to get up on your roof.  The extra weight and pressure of someone being up on your roof can cause cracking and breaking of the shingles.

If you have an older roof at this point.  Get a repair for the time being, and within the next few months schedule a full replacement.



For whatever reason, if you experience multiple leaks, it may be time to get a new roof.

The problem with continuously fixing multiple leaks is that the water will rot your underlayment.   If the leaks are bad enough, the water can also be compromising the insulation in the attic.

The best thing for the integrity of your structure and your health (especially when talking about mold) is to have a new roof installed.



Poorly installed roofs can cause huge problems.  If you recently had your roof replaced and are experiencing multiple problems, you may need a new roof.

Find a certified contractor to come out and inspect your roof.  If the roof was installed wrong it will continue to cause massive amounts of problems in the future.

Hopefully your contractor carries a labor warranty and can redo the install. If the job is really bad, you may need to find a new contractor and pray that you can convince your homeowners insurance can cover the second replacement.


Best Way To Determine If You Need A Replacement:

The best way to determine whether you need a replacement is to get an inspection from a certified roofer.  An inspection can tell you exactly what is wrong with your roof, the extent at which it needs to be fixed, and confirm any questions or concerns you may have about your roof.  They can let you know if it is a quick fix, or a lengthy one.

Use online reviews or recommendations from friends to find the right roofing contractor.  It is best to work with someone who has a good reputation!


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  1. Actually timely and regular inspection of the roof could actually prevent the situation where you have to replace the roof, which is an expensive proposition. So its better to get your roof inspected at-least twice a year so that issues are spotted while they are small and are quickly repaired.

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