3 Things Homeowners Need to Know About Roof Vents

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3 Things Homeowners Need to Know About Roof Vents

September 13, 2017 Blog 0

You see your estimate, and you wonder… “What are all these extra line items?”  Flashing, drip edge and vents… when you thought you just needed shingles for your new roof.  They’re all part of an integral roofing system.  While you aren’t thrilled that all of the extras will add to the price, they are absolutely necessary. 

Today We Are Going to Talk About Roof Vents

Roof vents are incredibly important to the roofing system of your home.  Making sure that you have the adequate amount of roof vents, the proper types, and correct installation will keep your roof and your attic devoid of moisture, mold, and heating problems. 

Today We are sharing the 3 things you need to know about roof vents before you have your roof installed.

1. Roof Vents Minimize Damage to Your Attic and the Rest of Your Home.

When your roof isn’t vented properly, the summer and winter seasons can do some damage to your attic.

In the summer, attics are the warmest area in the home.  When the heat builds and has nowhere to escape, it can cause distortion of the roof decking and ruin the shingles from within your home.

In the winter, heat from the inside rises.  Mix that with the cold air from the outside and you can get a lot of moisture build up in your attic.  Condensation in the attic can definitely affect your roof decking and create a huge mold issue.  Mold in your home, is very dangerous to your health.

2. Properly Installed Roof Vents Help Decrease Energy Bills

When you have a properly ventilated roof your summer energy bill is reduced.  Because all of that hot air can properly escape, it aids your home in staying cooler.  With proper ventilation, air conditioning units will not be working overtime to help cool a space where the hot air cannot be displaced by cooler air.

3.  Not All Roof Vents Are the Same

 The way your roof is vented as well as what types are used largely depends on the climate you live in and the design of your roof.  New building codes require that a certain number of vents be placed per square.   An experienced licensed contractor will know how to best vent your home for your climate, and layout.

In Other Words…

You need proper roof ventilation to help maintain the standard of your home.  They are not an “extra” line item that can be left out.  Without proper roof ventilation, your home and your roof structure will become damaged, leading to a much greater problem down the road.   If you have more questions, talk to your local roofing contractor!  

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