4 Signs You May Need A Roof Repair

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4 Signs You May Need A Roof Repair

February 28, 2018 Blog Uncategorized 0

Last week we tackled 3 signs you need a full roof replacement.  This week we are looking at reasons where a repair will work to fix your roof’s problems.

1. Severe/ Abnormal Weather-

Have you had some extreme weather lately?

Windstorms, heavy rains and snow can cause even the best roofing materials to fail.  A lot of times wind storms are the culprit for blowing off shingles.  Abnormal snow and ice can create dams which can cause leaks.

These abnormalities can cause the reason for a repair, but it doesn’t necessarily mean your roof needs to be replaced.

2. Recent Remodeling-

Have you had your kitchen or bathroom recently remodeled?  Oftentimes during a remodel, the vents and pipes are moved.

Typically, a roofer is not called in to install these pipes and replace shingles for small jobs. But those pipes and vents can cause problems if not flashed and installed properly.

Many times, the pipes and vents are not properly flashed, they can let in water into the remodeled room.  Not exactly what you want when you finish a remodel… but it doesn’t mean your whole roof system failed.

3. Location of Leak-

Much like reason #2, anywhere there are holes in your roof, you’re prone to find leaking.

Vents, skylights, pipes and chimneys can be problem spots.

Improper flashing and old flashing can cause water to enter into your home.  In many cases it is a simple fix.  But do pay attention to the age of the flashing, it could be a sign of an aged roof.

4. Skylights-

Skylights are typically a big problem when it comes to leaks.

If your skylight is leaking due to failing flashing, not only does the flashing need to be replaced but there’s the possibility your skylight needs replacing as well.

Often times we fix a leak around the skylight but due to the skylight’s age it cracks upon any movement or disturbance.

If your roof is old and your skylight is leaking you probably not only need new flashing, but a new skylight.

If your skylight is original but you’ve had a new roof installed recently, you may not need to have your roof replaced.

However, if your skylight and roof are both the same age, it is probably time to update that roof.


Are you still not sure if you need a repair or a replacement?  Find a company who will give you a free estimate or free inspection!  This way you have a professional who can let you know with certainty what state your roof is in.


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