5 Reasons Why Your Roof is NOT a DIY Project

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5 Reasons Why Your Roof is NOT a DIY Project

May 2, 2018 Blog 0

DIY is Great on A Lot of Projects, Just Not Your Roof

Yes, I know, replacing your roof is expensive. 

Surely getting up on your roof, ripping off the old shingles and replacing them with new ones seems like an easy enough project. 

But in reality, it is not. 

What you do save in replacing it yourself, may actually cost more later if not done correctly.  Here’s our top 5 reasons why you should NOT DIY your roof.

1. No Labor Warranty and Void Manufacturer Warranty

A good contracting company has a labor warranty with roof installation

This way if they do not correctly install your roof and a problem arises, the cost to fix it is on them.  

Many times the manufacturer warranty is not good unless they can certify that the roof was installed properly

If any part of your roof is installed incorrectly, even if the product if faulty, the warranty will be void.   

2.      Hidden Costs

All the Tools!!

Whether it is the actual tools to complete the actual installation of the shingles, or the proper safety tools, you’ll need all the tools a roofer by trade has to complete his job. 

Here’s some just for starters: roofing nail gun, air compression, tin snips,  safety harness, rope, anchor etc.   

Dumpster and Fees! 

When you are doing a roof replacement you have to make sure that you have a space for your old material to sit during the project (dumpster) and a place it is supposed to end up (dump or roof recycling center). 

Renting a dumpster and paying the dump/haul fee isn’t as cheap as you may think

These are all costs that are included in your roofing contractor’s estimate.  

Material Costs!

Typically to replace your roof you need more than just shingles

Felt paper, flashings, vents, drip edge are some other items besides just the shingles that your replacement will require. 

These costs are all factored into your contractor’s roof estimate.  

3.    Incorrect installation and incomplete tear offs

Installing shingles incorrectly will damage your roof structure.  If you can’t install the shingles correctly, or even straight there can be problems. 

The number of nails, their placement, and placement of the shingles in relation to one another are all important.   Not to mention, if your shingles aren’t installed in a straight line on the roof, your whole pattern will be off. 

Poorly managed tear offs can lead to improper installation of the new roof. The whole point of a new roof is so that it can work right.   

4.       Physically Demanding- 

Roofing is back breaking work!  Literally you’re hunched over all day, fighting sloped ground manhandling 80 lb. bundles of shingles. 

If you are even in the best shape of your life, you’re not in roofing shape. 

It is much more difficult than you realize to walk around on a roof, let alone work all day up on it. 

5.       It’s Dangerous- 

Roofing houses is a dangerous job

People who do it day in and day out understand how tools, bundles and ladders lay on roofs

They understand keeping their footing and the balance on the roof. 

They also have the right safety equipment to complete their job accident free. 

Just the experience alone of being up on a roof day in and day out  makes it safer for the seasoned roofer than the homeowner

In Conclusion: Do NOT Roof Your Own Home

I know you’re thinking, of course we would say that because we are a roofing company.  But honestly, this isn’t supposed to sell you on choosing us to do your roof.  We wrote this post for your physical well-being and for your financial well-being. We cannot emphasize how extremely dangerous roofing your own home is.  Even if you don’t fall off the roof, there are numerous other injuries that can occur.  Plus, if you do not know the ins and outs of roofing, it will end up costing more to fix

If you don’t believe us yet, just call and schedule an estimate.  All estimates are free!  We would be happy to come out and show you how much it  would cost to have someone else with experience, tools and know how to take care of your roof for you.  360.652.4300!  Hope to hear from you soon! 


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