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By - lauraweldon05

5 Signs You Need New Gutters

5 Signs You Need New Gutters

Your gutter system is just as important as your roof system. If you have a well functioning roof, water run off will be directed off of your roof. Your gutter system ensures that the rain water the roof deflects from your structure, is transported away from your home.  This is a very important job.  As we all know water is one thing we need to keep out of our homes.  

This spring make sure to take inventory on your roof and the exterior of your home. While going through your maintenance check list make sure you take a close look at your gutters!

Below are 5 signs that you need new gutters to help you correctly diagnose the state of your gutter system.

1. Sagging/ gutters away from the roof-

 If your gutters are sagging or have fallen away from your roof, it is definitely time for new gutters. 

The purpose of gutters is to catch the water runoff. 

When the gutters are disconnected, they cannot redirect the runoff away from your home.  This can lead to all sorts of damage to your home that is expensive and a pain to deal with. 

If there are large areas where your gutters are sagging or disconnected from your roof, get a new system-  NOW!

2. Water Getting into Your Basement-

If you have water that is getting into your basement, your gutters could be the cause.  If water from your roof is not directed away from your home, runs along your foundation or oftentimes into your basement. 

Now, obviously there are other issues that could cause water to get into your basement. 

However, your gutter system should be one of the first places to look to troubleshoot the issue. 

Clogged, damaged, and improperly installed gutters can cause all sorts of problems for your basement.  

3. Water Damage On Exterior of Your Home 

Whether it is on your fascia, or mildew and mold on your siding and foundation, your gutter system may be to blame. 

Failing gutters can cause water to sit and drip from fascia or the eaves of your roof.  Stagnant water along these surfaces oftentimes causes rotting. 

Water that runs down your siding to the ground can cause a mold and mildew issue with your foundation.  Not to mention, that runoff can rot your siding!  

4. Split/ Cracks In The Gutters-

If your gutters are split or cracked you can be sure that they are in fact NOT doing their job. 

You may think that a small split or crack isn’t a big problem.  However, rest assured that those distances will grow over time.  Water will get through the cracks/splits and not be directed away from your house properly. 

Nowadays there are seamless gutters to decrease the splits that happen between pieces. 

If you are needing to replace your gutters you may want to look into seamless ones.  This way you will reduce the likelihood of having the same issue in the future. 

5. Peeling Paint- 

Peeling paint is a sure sign of excess moisture.  Where the excess moisture is coming from is another question in and of itself. 

However, as you can see from the previous examples, there is a possibility that your gutters could be to blame. 

As mentioned earlier, check your gutters to figure out if they are causing the peeling paint on your home. 


Check  Your Gutters

Do yourself a favor and make sure your gutters are working properly this summer.  Even though we aren’t quite out of the nasty spring weather, it is important to be proactive about home maintenance.  It can save you a lot of trouble in the long run.  If you have a good roof and gutter system you should be protected from the elements this coming winter.

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