6 Tips to Remove Your Christmas Lights Safely

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6 Tips to Remove Your Christmas Lights Safely

January 3, 2017 Blog 0

Time to take down those Christmas Lights! According to apartment therapy’s website, appropriate etiquette for light removal should occur between New Year’s Day and the 6th (the 12th day of Christmas or 3 Kings Day).

Did you know that injuries related to Christmas light hanging has increased every year since 2009?  Falls, scrapes and cuts have been reported at an average increase of 250 people per day between Thanksgiving and the New Year have been reported each year (Medical Daily).  Even though most of these injuries probably occur while hanging lights, we figured safety tips for removal were relevant to review.

Here are 6 tips to help you remove your lights safely.

  1. Hire a Light Removal Company- This is obviously the safest bet for the homeowner. Yet not all of us are able to pay to have a “Professional” come and remove Christmas lights.  Plus a lot of us are probably starting to feel the Post-Christmas budget squeeze right about now.

  2. Review Ladder Safety- The warnings on the ladder are true, stepping on the top rung of a step ladder is dangerous for a multitude of reasons.  Other ladder safety tips such as having someone stabilize the ladder at the bottom, wearing appropriate shoes and making sure the ladder is on even ground are big ones!  If you need more reminders about how to properly use a ladder visit the American Ladder Institute.

  3. Purchase a Big Reach Hook to assist you in removing hard to reach lights.

  4. Watch the cords! Figure out a way to minimize tripping over extension cords and your lights with light and cord reels.  Plus, imagine the added bonus of NOT having to untangle them each time you get them out!

  5. Make sure the weather is appropriate. Yes, you can find a dry time to remove the lights as impossible as it seems.  It is safer to keep the lights up longer than trying to remove them in less than favorable weather conditions.

  6. Be Sober! There is a ridiculous amount accidents that occur because people are under the influence.

There you have it, 6 tips for safe light removal.  Yes, most of them are common sense ones, but they are good reminders nonetheless.

Here is a short video about Christmas light removal and storage from Ehow:

Happy New Year from all of us at Allen Roofing and Construction!


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