7 Christmas Light Hanging Tips

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7 Christmas Light Hanging Tips

November 29, 2017 Blog 0

Ready to win that neighborhood Christmas light contest? Armed with your Pinterest board full of amazing ideas and a bunch of black Friday holiday lights, you’re ready to decorate your home like the Griswold’s. Okay, so maybe not that many lights, but you’re ready to show your neighbors your Christmas spirit. However, yule tide decorations can easily turn into easily avoidable accidents. Did you know that Christmas accidents are continually on the rise each year?
Here are some Christmas light hanging tips to keep you out of the ER this holiday season!

1. Inspect your lights, and hanging equipment-

What kind of shape are your lights in? Are your wires damaged? Do you need replacement bulbs? Do you have enough clips for your lights? What about your ladder? Do you have one that will reach? Do you have a safe plan to get to all the spots you want to hang your lights?

2. Check the weather

Especially here in the PNW, it rains most of the time during the holidays. While it may be near impossible to hang lights in completely dry weather, don’t do it during intense rain and wind storms.

3. Grab an elf, I mean a helper.

Find someone who can help in being proactive about your light hanging. A toddler, wouldn’t be too helpful. A teenager, may be helpful without a cell phone in their hand. Find someone who can help extend the lights, hold the ladder, fetch needed supplies and think ahead.

4. Purchase Easy to hang tools.

You can buy tools such as a light hanging hook (like this Big Reach Hook) so that you don’t even need to get on a ladder. You can also purchase netted lights for your bushes and trees. These minimize time, effort, and potential accidents when lighting awkward bushes or trees.

5. Make sure your ladder is stabilized.

Don’t think about getting on a ladder at all while it is uneven. As you scale the ladder, your weight shifts. Without the proper footing, you’re at risk for an accident.

6. Move your ladder along your home- Don’t reach.

Do not try to lean and reach for one more clip. Even if your ladder is grounded properly, it loses all security as you put more pressure on one side of the ladder.

7. Hang sober!

Of course this sounds like common sense…but apparently it isn’t! A large portion of falls revolving around Christmas lights are caused by those who have been drinking. Don’t do it!


Not feeling like taking the risk to hang those lights this year? Find a company that hangs Christmas lights for you! Holiday Lighting Northwest is a great company that will come and hang your design for you! Check out their website here and get a quote!


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