Algae Resistant Shingles- Keeping Your Roof Nicer Longer

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Algae Resistant Shingles- Keeping Your Roof Nicer Longer

August 23, 2017 Blog 0

In the Pacific Northwest,  rain is a frequent occurrence. It seems like it rains about 75% of the time (summer here starts after the 4th of July). The moisture from the rain and marine layers create a perfect recipe for algae build up.  While frequent homeowner maintenance is required to prevent algae build up, choosing Algae Resistant shingles helps minimize the work needed to keep your shingles in great shape. 

Algae Resistant Shingles by Design

These shingles have copper woven into the product, which helps prevent algae build up.  Copper deters algae growth.  If you live in an area with a lot of moisture, you know that algae grow quickly whenever it can.  These specific shingles can assist to deter algae growth, which then reduces the amount of time you spend on your roof maintenance!  More free time= happiness! 

Algae Resistant Warranty

Another bonus is oftentimes the algae resistant lines of shingles also come with a manufacturer warranty.  For example, CertainTeed has a limited 10-year warranty on their StreakFighter shingles.  Their warranty guarantees that algae will not build up over the first 10 years post installation (per following their proper warranty guidelines- always read the fine lines of the warranty).  If their product fails according to the warranty, they are liable. 

Many Algae Resistant Lines to Choose From

Asphalt shingle manufacturers such as PABCO, CertainTeed, and Malarkey all carry algae resistant shingles.   Each has their own trademark for their bran to specify which shingles are algae resistant.  Below are links with more information to a few of the Algae Resistant lines that we frequently work with. 

PABCO- Scotchguard

CertainTeed- StreakFighter

Malarkey-  Scotchguard

If you’re looking to get a new roof this fall, consider going with algae resistant shingles!  They help your roof last longer and keeps your roof maintenance manageable.

Bottom Line….

If you live in an area with prominent moisture, save yourself the hassle and get algae resistant shingles.

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