Blending in Your Gutters

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Blending in Your Gutters

August 8, 2018 Blog 0

When we talk about updating the exterior the two big projects that come to mind are the roof and the siding.  Whether it is a new roof, new siding or simply a new coat of paint, most often then not there is an update in color.

Once you get going on changing up roof or siding colors, you find you have other color decisions to make.  Front doors, garage doors, fascia, soffits, and gutters all have to fall into the new color scheme.

For instance, take into consideration your gutter color.  Will your current gutter colors match your new color scheme? Do you want them to stand out or blend in with the rest of the house?  Are you going to leave your downspouts a color so that they act as an outline?  Or would you rather have them blend in to the point where they’re almost unrecognizable?

How To Blend In Your Gutters

Most people would prefer their gutters to blend in.  To achieve this, you just need some paint and you can have blended gutters within a few days. 

Choose paint colors that to match your fascia or your roof.  Paint the gutters along the roof line. 

Next, paint your downspouts to match the siding or corner trim if you painted the trim on the corners of your house.

This way the gutters won’t be a focal point of your newly updated exterior. 

While painting gutters is fairly simple, here are 2 reminders.

1-      Prime your gutters- make sure that your new paint goes on seamlessly

2-      Remember to use metal paint.   It would be a shame to paint everything and not have it work.

If you need other options for hiding your gutters or need a more in-depth article about how to paint your gutters visit this wiki article


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