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Enhance Your Home with Rain Chains and Rain Barrels

rain chains and rain barrels There is always work to be done when it comes to the exterior a home.   Yard renovations, new roofs, new siding and new exterior paint are huge projects that can transform the look of your home.  Typically, these big exterior updates are expensive.  If you’re one of the lucky ones, who has a pristine yard,

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Why You Need a Contract with Your Contractor

Importance of Contracts Most people do not enjoy the remodeling/ home repair and contractor experiences.  It is tough to find someone who is reliable, trustworthy and performs quality work.  A contract can help the experience be a positive one when used with home repairs/remodeling. Contracts protect not only the customer, but they also protect the contractor.  A contract acknowledges that

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What is Underlayment and Do I need It?

What is Underlayment? Underlayment is a water proofing layer of felt.  It is installed between the plywood and the shingles. It is considered the waterproofing barrier that keeps the moisture from penetrating the layer of shingles and rotting the roof deck. Do I need it? Yes. If any water gets under the shingles due to shingle damage moss build up

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3 Main Causes of Roof Damage

Roof damage can happen in many different ways.  It is good to be aware of what can cause roof damage and what to look for.  In this post we are looking at the 3 main causes of roof damage.  If any of these factors apply to you, it would be wise to get a roof inspection before the next wet

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5 Things to Look for In A Roof When You Buy A Home

How to Find a Home With a Good Roof It’s moving season.  There is so much that goes into buying and selling a home, that it is oftentimes overwhelming.  It’s especially daunting if you’re a first-time home buyer!  We are going to help you out a bit and give you 5 things you should look for in a roof- with

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5 Reasons Why Your Roof is NOT a DIY Project

DIY is Great on A Lot of Projects, Just Not Your Roof Yes, I know, replacing your roof is expensive.  Surely getting up on your roof, ripping off the old shingles and replacing them with new ones seems like an easy enough project.  But in reality, it is not.  What you do save in replacing it yourself, may actually cost

By - lauraweldon05

3 Things You Should Replace When You Get a New Roof

Often when we think about getting a new roof, we think about only installing new shingles.  Y our roof is more of a system, rather than just shingles.  The whole roof system includes your shingles, but there are other parts of your roof to take into consideration when replacing your roof.  1. Flashing-   Flashing is the metal tin pieces

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5 Signs You Need New Gutters

5 Signs You Need New Gutters Your gutter system is just as important as your roof system. If you have a well functioning roof, water run off will be directed off of your roof. Your gutter system ensures that the rain water the roof deflects from your structure, is transported away from your home.  This is a very important job. 

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Solar Power Roofing Systems

What Solar Power Roofing System is Right For Me? Between solar panels, integrated solar systems and Tesla’s solar tiles, we are seeing more and more options when it comes to renewable energy options. However, solar energy becomes a bit more complicated when it comes to budget, type o f system, and feasibility. Not all solar options are suitable for all

By - lauraweldon05

5 Reasons You Need a Professional Roof Inspection After Winter

Spring is here, which means it is a perfect time to get a professional roof inspection!  Roofs take a beating during the winter and may not be able to last another one.  But how do you know if your roof was damaged last winter?  You CAN complete a home owner’s ground inspection.  In fact, we STRONGLY ENCOURAGE home owner’s to

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