Most Common Roofs found in Gingerbread Homes

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Most Common Roofs found in Gingerbread Homes

December 13, 2017 Blog 2

In honor of National Gingerbread House day this week, we are going to look at some amazing gingerbread houses…What’s nice about the gingerbread homes is that they are built solely based on aesthetics and weight.  Their roofs do not need to keep out the elements…except for some extra frosting maybe.

Here are some common roofing styles you’ll find on gingerbread houses.

  1. Carriage Style Shingles:  This house has spree candies layered on the roof to provide a carriage style shingle look.
  2. Thatch Roofing:  This person used bran cereal to create a thatch roof look.  The roof is ridged with cinnamon gum.
  3. Shake Roofing:  Here’s another cereal roof for this rustic gingerbread cabin.
  4.  Metal Roofing To be honest, I don’t know what they used for their roof.  My guess was licorice.  Any guesses for this metal barn roof?
  5. Flat Roofing I am assuming there is just gingerbread on top, but who knows really.  Maybe it is layered with frosting?  Maybe its a façade and there’s no roof at all!

    If you google gingerbread houses, you’ll find some amazing structures.  Many famous ones like the Beverly Wilshire Hotel above, including St. Basil’s Basilica in Russia, the White House and for Disney fans… there’s the CastleWe hope you enjoyed the gingerbread roofing analysis!  Feeling bored?  Google amazing gingerbread houses and you’ll find many amazing ones.  Don’t do it hungry though!!


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  1. You have covered all the major roofing systems but loved the style of illustrating them, building miniature houses with the roof, very beautiful and interesting.

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