Enhance Your Home with Rain Chains and Rain Barrels

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Enhance Your Home with Rain Chains and Rain Barrels

July 18, 2018 Blog 0

rain chains and rain barrels

There is always work to be done when it comes to the exterior a home.   Yard renovations, new roofs, new siding and new exterior paint are huge projects that can transform the look of your home.  Typically, these big exterior updates are expensive. 

If you’re one of the lucky ones, who has a pristine yard, decent roof, and great siding, congratulations!  You have the chance to look at the more enjoyable exterior projects that add great character to your home.  So often we think of the interior details that tend to make a house a home.  But its your exterior details that are responsible for the initial welcoming feeling visitors get when they come over.    

We are going to take a few weeks and look at different ideas that are fairly inexpensive (in comparison to those big projects) that will make a big difference in your curb appeal. 

Rain chains are a decorative chain that replaces a gutter downspout.  

There are many different types of rain chains and they vary in prices.  They can range anywhere from $40 to $400 dollars.  However, you can find a decent assortment of them for under $100.   

What is the purpose of a rain chain?  Basically, they are a small detail that adds some pizzazz.  Instead of a bulky downspout along your front porch, a rain chain adds charm, color and some individualism (as not every house has one). 

It also dresses up the area it is located.  If you have a downspout along a garden area, a rain chain can add a whimsical effect. 

pair your rain chain with a barrel and you can Reuse the water!

Water from the rain barrel can be used to water other plants that you have around the yard or inside the house.

Again, these vary in price as well.  The barrels come in as plain as it comes or decorative (such as the rock above) and in terra cotta. 

These barrels come with a spout at the bottom where you can empty the water that it has collected. 

When enough water is collected, you can fill up a watering can and redistribute the water to the plants in your garden or home.  Thus conserving water! 

 You don’t need a rain chain to transfer water into the barrel.  It is possible and the cheapest option to use your downspout.  Really, you can purchase the cheapest giant plastic barrel with a spigot, such as the red one above.  It doesn’t need to be fancy if your goal is to conserve water! 

But you may want to take a moment and if you are able, and consider the addition of a chain and barrel to conserve and enhance your landscape at the same time! 

It’s a great opportunity to take the earth friendly project, invest a couple of dollars and enhance your curb appeal.    


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