Exterior Fall Maintenance Checklist

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Exterior Fall Maintenance Checklist

October 11, 2017 Blog 0

Fall is here! 

If you haven’t completed your fall roof maintenance now is the time to do it!  Here are some simple maintenance tips to ensure that your roof is ready for the winter.


  1. Clean off your roof and clear your gutters-

Removing debris from your roof and gutters allows rain water to flow from your roof and drain through the gutters properly.  Rain water blocked on your roof from debris, can create pools, which, through winter will damage your roof.  Leaves and branches in your gutters do not allow water to leave your rooftop.  Likewise, clogged gutters do not help that process either.  Pools can be created at the bottom of your roof line, in your gutters, and can damage your home’s structure.


  1. Trim Any Bushes or Surrounding Trees-

As we just discussed, plants, trees, or bushes that lay on your roof or close to your roof create a potential to block water runoff.   Making sure that the roof is clear of trees helps ensure that your water won’t pool and cause damage to your roof.

Also, when you have trimmed shrubbery and trees, you decrease the chance of a large build up throughout the winter.


  1. Complete a Roof Inspection-

Most homeowners can do a basic “from the ground” roof inspection.   Position yourself so you can see the roof from the ground and check the following:

Do you see shingles missing?

Is there a large amount of moss on the roof?

Are your shingles corners curling?

Are your shingles missing granules?

If this is the case, you probably have an outdated roof that needs to be repaired but most likely replaced.

Some people may not be sure about their roof inspection.  Many contractors offer FREE ROOF INSPECTIONS!  Look up a local contractor to get a professional roof inspection.  You’d rather make sure your roof is in good shape now, before the harsh winter weather comes.


Bottom Line:  Roof maintenance is essential to the health of your home.   


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