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Exterior Home Maintenance Tips for 2017


Happy 2017 from all of us at Allen Roofing and Construction!

Have you been mulling through your New Year’s Resolutions? Make home maintenance a goal for 2017!

Here are some home outdoor maintenance tips and reminders for the upcoming spring:


  • Check roof for missing shingles.

  • Check flashing around chimney and valleys for damage.

  • Check chimney cap and wear around the chimney.


  • Clean and remove debris.

  • Check proper drainage and angles of downspouts so that water flows away from home.

Siding/Home exterior:

  • Check for loose pieces and secure them properly.

  • Check for stains which could be a sign of a roofing issue.

  • Check brick and stucco for cracks and deterioration.

  • Check siding for paint chipping.

  • Check windows and seals


  • Remove branches and other debris from winter storms.

  • Check retaining walls for proper drainage to prevent slides.

  • Inspect decking and other wood that is outside for rot.

If you are uncomfortable performing any of these tasks be sure to call a local expert to help!

Happy New Year!

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