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Flat roofs are a fairly inexpensive roofing option.  They also can provide many different options such as an outdoor living area or a green area for your building.   However due to the lack of pitch to the roof, there is more potential for water build up and leakage if not installed and maintained correctly. There are many different types of flat roof applications such as TPO, PVC, EDPM, metal and asphalt.

Here at The Roof Wizard we are install TPO, PVC and EDPM.

PVC Membrane is the most expensive roof membrane of the three we install. However, the PVC membranes are considered to be the most dependable flat roofing option.  The seams are better  sealed with heat and has the longest lifetime expectancy from manufacturers.

EDPM is the most cost effective option however, it comes with set backs.  It is considered the least durable of the three options and tends to absorb heat rather than repel it like PVC.

TPO is the best mixture of EDPM and PVC. It is better priced and the seals can be compared in quality to those of the PVC membrane. TPO is considered to be the most environmentally friendly option of the flat roofs as well.

Need a more in depth explanation of the different types of Flat roofing materials we install?  Please read this article here.

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