3 Ways Icicles Are Dangerous

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3 Ways Icicles Are Dangerous

January 17, 2018 Blog 1


Icicles are definitely beautiful, but can cause a lot of damage to your roof.  If icicles consistently form on your roof, you may want to look into why that is happening.  Icicles are dangerous to the lifetime of the roof as they can assist in the deterioration or your roof deck.

Here Are 2 Out of 3 Reasons Icicles Are Dangerous

  1. Icicles are heavy– As icicles grow they get heavier.  Your gutters are not designed to hold weight where icicles form.  The weight from icicles can damage your gutters if they get heavy enough.  If you do have icicles hanging from your gutters, do not try to remove them.  Removing the icicles can cause further damage to your gutters.  Removing icicles can also be dangerous.  Falling ice can cause injury, along with slipping on fallen ice.
  1. Icicles most likely mean you have an Ice Dam– Icicles form when snow or ice melts and the water runs off the roof.  This is caused either by the heat coming from the inside of your house or the sun.  As water runs down your roof, ideally it should exit your roof via the gutters.   However, clogged gutters or gutters that are already dammed will not allow the water to run off properly.Then, water cools as it leaves the roof and that’s where icicles form.  If these icicles continue to build, that means that water is not properly exiting your roof.  Water being held up on your roof can potentially allow water to get in under the shingles. This can cause huge problems for your roof.

The 3rd Reason Icicles are Dangerous

The last reason why icicles are dangerous has nothing to do with your roof.  It has to do with your and your family and friends’ safety.

  1. Icicles can be dangerous– Icicles are not stable. They can fall at any minute.  They can fall on someone passing underneath, or the fallen ice can cause someone to slip and fall. Icicles can be small and sharp or large and heavy.  Either way, icicles can cause some significant damage when falling on people.

Solutions to Reducing Icicles:

Ventilation and Insulation- If you have an icicle problem, make sure that you have proper insulation and ventilation in the attic.  However, this isn’t always the case.  Sometimes if you have icicles above a drafty garage, or a southern facing home, your problem may not be an insulation problem.

Gutter Heat Strips- Another solution is to install heat strips in your gutters to help melt ice that may form there.

Roof Rake- Or you can also purchase a roof rake such as this Snow Joe on Amazon.  Using the snow rake you can remove good amounts of snow from your roof via the ground.  It is a safe way to help keep dams from forming.


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  1. Ron Pickle says:

    Icicles are indeed extremely dangerous, apart from the problems it may cause on roof, gutters, they pose a grave danger to the physical security of the residents. So you are right having a cool roof on the top by insulating and ventilating the attic is the most cost effective method to prevent their formation.

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