Inexpensive Exterior Improvements: Color

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Inexpensive Exterior Improvements: Color

August 1, 2018 Blog 1

Color helps update and refresh any exterior.  You can use color to update your home in a variety of different ways that are cheap and easy.  

Paint- Paint transforms any surface and is relatively inexpensive. 

When it comes to best ROI projects, an updated front door tops the list.  This is largely due to the fact that your front door is the entry into your home.  If you need to update your entryway, choose a bold color to paint your front door color. 

Or if you’re up for a larger project, pick a different color and treat your siding with a fresh coat of paint.  Older siding can look almost brand new with a fresh coat of paint.

Your house will look new and updated even if your siding and doors are the same.

Plants- Plants can create depth and texture to your exterior. 

Take advantage of the plants and colors of the season and incorporate them in your entryway. 

Planter boxes or baskets with annual flowers can brighten up the exterior of any building.  You can change the boxes to coordinate with the seasons to keep the home fresh.

Furniture- Furniture can easily brighten up an entry way.  

Still need more for your entry? Do you have an old table or chair that can be refinished or painted?  Maybe there are some garage sale gems that can give your entryway some life. 

Add new cushions or throw pillows to fit the season.  Pillows are easy to change out when they seem old or grow boring. 

Change It Up With Color

Incorporating color into your exterior is probably the simplest way to update your home.  It is easy to change, inexpensive, and most color projects can be done in a day.  


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  1. Wow love the post. No doubt colors enhances the beauty of home. Thanks for your suggestions to us.

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