Inexpensive Exterior Improvements: Lighting

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Inexpensive Exterior Improvements: Lighting

July 25, 2018 Blog 0

Remember the gold that was everywhere in the 80’s and early 90’s?  Every light, inside and out, was finished in brassy gold.  

Those brassy gold lights date your house, even if you have updated the paint or siding. 

Outdoor lighting isn’t just to light the WAY to your house.  It lights UP your house and creates THE atmosphere. 

Different shades and types of lights create different effects.  There are lights for function, accent lights and lights that create dramatic or welcoming effects.   

Function Lighting:

Safety is the most important function when it comes to exterior lighting.  Paths, steps, pools, and decks should be well lit to prevent injuries.

Well lit areas also deter theft.  Sensor lights can scare away any person or unwanted wildlife who may be trespassing at night. 

Most people choose a wall lantern fixture to light up their exterior.  When doing so remember that the type of lantern you choose determines how the light flows from the fixture. 


A lantern without a glass top will dispel light downwards instead of all around.  A glass topped lantern will allow more light through all around.

Be sure to take a moment to consider how you want your space to be illuminated before purchasing a new lantern fixture.

Accent Lighting:

You can use lighting to accentuate certain aspects of your yard.  Special landscape features can become the focal point of your yard at night.  

Small UV spotlights are great for accent lights.  They use the energy of the sun during the day to luminate the feature that you are wanting to highlight.

A water feature, a favorite tree or even a wall can stand out with appropriate accent lighting.   

Mood Lighting:

This is where you can add character to the exterior of your home and get a bit more creative. 

This type of lighting works well in exterior meeting places. 

An outdoor seating area is a prime location to try out different types of mood lighting. 

Tiki torches, rope lighting and industrial bulb strands are by far some of the most popular mood lighting choices today.  Many people line their patios and gathering areas with these types of lighting as they provide a good amount of light. 

Pendent lights, DIY luminaries, and glowing orbs can turn smaller settings more intimate. 

If your budget is tight this year lighting is cheap and fun option to update the outside of your home.  


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