It’s Almost Winter- Winterize Your Home ASAP

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It’s Almost Winter- Winterize Your Home ASAP

November 15, 2017 Blog 1

Winter is Almost Here!

The holidays come so quickly and before you know it, we are in the thick of winter! Left undone, your home can take a beating when it is not maintained properly.  Winterizing your home helps not only the home structure itself, but can help the dwellers gracefully manage the chilly season.

We are urging everyone to take the time to winterize their home before the holidays come!

Winterize Your Home ASAP

At first we were going to go through all of the ways to winterize your home ourselves.  But after some research we found some really good articles that have all the information already written for us! So rather than rewrite what is already good, we will share with you what we found!

Where to Find Winterizing Tips:

Art of Manliness:

Popular Mechanics:

House Logic:

Bob Vila:

Productivity 501

50 Ways to Winterize Your Home

The Spruce


In Conclusion:

We hope you were able to find the right winterization articles that you were looking for.  Winterizing your home is so important.  While we in the Pacific Northwest do not have to deal with a lot of snow and ice, we do deal with a lot of rain.  It is crucial to have those gutters examined and cleared to allow the rainwater to escape from our roofs!


Not sure that your roof will hold up this winter?  Give us a call at 360-652-4300 and schedule your free inspection today!




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  1. Ron Pickle says:

    You are right and as a part of winterizing one must take hard look at their roof to ensure if there are any minor or major damages and correct them while they are minor, otherwise winter hail storms could create havoc on already vulnerable roof.

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