6 Tools to Keep Up with Your Roof and Gutter Maintenance

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6 Tools to Keep Up with Your Roof and Gutter Maintenance

February 15, 2018 Blog 0

Spring time is just around the corner!  This means it’s almost spring cleaning time.  It’s also the perfect time to do maintenance on your home.

In this post we are going to discuss high rated tools that allow you to take care of your roof and gutters easier.



Wet and Forget Moss and Mildew Removal-  $19.78

This product has over 1,500 reviews on Amazon and rates a 4-star review! Now, according to reviews you receive 1 gallon, but get 6 spray able gallons out of one bottle when mixed with water.  So, you very well could end up needing more than one gallon for an entire roof application.  Also, it takes time for the product to work.  Could even be months.  However, over time, Wet and Forget will remove your moss and algae from your roof.


Garelick Roof Rake- 21 foot Snow rake- $54.99 

This Garelick Roof Rake has almost 2,000 reviews and is almost a 5-star product!  Now, I understand we do not get a lot of snow in the Pacific North West. However, this particular roof rake has a brush attachment (see next item)!



Garelick Roof Brush Attachment- Use with other Garelick Roof Rake Sets- 21.37 (on sale now)

Here is the Garelick Roof Brush Attachment.  You can use this roof brush to remove debris from your roof after a storm, fall or winter seasons.  With a purchase of this and the roof rake, you can do maintenance from the ground!






Home Depot Gutter Scoop –  $4.04

This gutter scoop almost looks like a sandbox toy!  This scoop is a handy tool to clean out your gutters.


Gutter Guard- 4 pack-  16.99 (on sale now)

This gutter guard sits in the top of your downspout.  It keeps debris from building up in your downspout making future maintenance easier.  Do note that it will not eliminate all of the gutter cleaning, but it does take care of your downspout.


Home Depot- InvisaFlow Metal Lock in Gutter Guard 25 in case-  $67.00

Never want to clean your gutters again?  Here is a metal guard that sits on top of your gutters to keep them clean.  InvisaFlow is a more expensive brand than some of the others but with it carries a complete 5-star review.




Hopefully these tools help can help with your bi yearly roof maintenance.  They help keep you safe and grounded and provides no excuse for not completing that daunting task.  The maintenance will then help prevent damage on your roof and therefore extends your roof life.




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