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Snohomish County Washington

Metal roofing tends to last longer than an asphalt shingles, however they are more costly up front for materials and installation.  Most manufacturers guarantee their metal products for up to 50 years.

Metal roofs are environmentally friendly as the panels are made from recycled materials. The reflection of the sun off the building, decreases energy costs all year long. Most businesses and commercial buildings choose metal roofing due to the longevity of the product.

Currently, there are a variety of metal panel styles and colors to choose from.  To find all the options that are available to you visit the manufacturer websites.  They have more information about each product and the different benefits for the different types of panels as well as a large selection of colors that you can look through as well.


Taylor Metal Roofing Supply

Taylor Metal has one of the most versatile metal panel lines in the area.  Below are a few of their options.  However, for a more detailed look at their products please visit their website.

Other Taylor Metal Products Include

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