Why You Need Drip Edge

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Why You Need Drip Edge

September 6, 2017 Blog 0

What is Drip Edge?

Drip Edge is a type of flashing used on asphalt roofs.  It is installed under the shingles that are at the edge of your roof closest to your gutters.  The metal flashing lies between the paper and the shingles (but can also be installed under the paper).  With all the rain, the PNW gets, drip edge ensures the water to cleanly run off your roof and into your gutter.  The water runoff does not sit and soak under the last run of shingles.

What Happens If You Don’t Have Drip Edge

Rather than running off, water can get trapped under the shingles.  Prolonged water build up under the shingles will eventually rot out the materials under your roof.  

Soon your new roof, will need significant work as your plywood, fascia, or rafters will be rotting-  Just like the photo on the right—  That can get expensive to fix!!

Drip edge doesn’t cost a whole lot when speaking of the scope of an entire roofing project.  Yes, it is an additional couple hundred dollars, but it can save you money in the long run.  So when you see that line item for drip edge, don’t eliminate it to save a couple dollars… you need it!  

In Conclusion

If you are trying to save on your new roof, don’t eliminate the drip edge. It is essential to the lifespan of your roof!  

Still not sure if you need drip edge?  You can find more info here.  Ready for your free estimate?  Call us at 360-652-4300.


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