Top Exterior ROI Projects

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Top Exterior ROI Projects

March 7, 2018 Blog 2

Top Exterior ROI Projects

MSN came out a recent article that described what the top 10 remodeling projects that will give you the most return on your investment.   Most of the exterior projects fell toward the top of the list for best bang for your buck.  As mentioned in the article, the top projects are exterior ones.  This also makes sense because a large portion of your home value is determined by its curb appeal. 


Below are the top exterior projects with the best ROI for 2018 according to MSN:


1.       Garage Door –

2.       Manufactured Stone Veneer-

3.       Deck Addition Midrange-

4.       Siding Replacement-

5.       Backyard Patio-


Now, in the MSN article they include monetary figures for the average return you get for the cost of the project.  Check out the link below and figure out the best projects for your ROI this year!

While a roof isn’t on the list, your roof needs to be able to pass a certification in order to sell your home.  A roof certification guarantees that your roof will last for at least 3 years.  If you are thinking about relocating, please make sure that your roof is in top shape. 

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2 Responses

  1. Even I am surprised by the absence of the roof in this list as I am by the Garage door topping the list. You can do with out all these in the list but certainly can not with a bad roof.

    • lauraweldon05 says:

      Jane, I agree with you 100%. You can’t sell a home without an adequate roof. It is interesting that roofs are not included in the ROI when it’s a necessity.

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