Roof Concern: My Gutters are Overflowing

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Roof Concern: My Gutters are Overflowing

February 22, 2017 Blog 0

Roof Concern:   My gutters are overflowing, does this mean I need new gutters?

Type of Concern: Moderate

It is important that the runoff escapes from your roof.  Standing water on your roof will only cause greater probability of a roofing leak in the future.  Making sure that your gutters are doing their job will help the life of your roof.

Cause of Concern:

If your gutters are not flowing properly, there could be a number of things that are going on with your gutters. 

First, is there blockage in your gutters?  If you do not frequently clean your gutters, they could be clogged with debris.  The debris will then block run off flow and create a dam in your gutters. 

Second, you could need new gutters.  If your gutters are not flowing properly, they could be bent or caved in.  If they do not line up straight, the bend can create a pool, which then will prohibit the flow of water. 

You want your gutters to allow water runoff to flow properly.  The reason why you want proper flow from your gutters is so that the water can clear your roof and prevent standing water on your roof.   Standing water on your roof can lead to leaking.   This is especially important as spring comes and snow melts off roofs, or those April showers (more like February for those in California). 

Course of Action:

The first thing you need to do is double check that your gutters are clear.  If your gutters are full of debris, remove the debris and see if that fixes the problem. 

If your gutters still overflow, there is probably a legitimate issue with your gutters.  Call a local contractor who installs gutters and see what needs to be done. 

Proper care of your gutters helps maintain the life of your roof. 


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