Roof Concern: My Roof Has Moss Build Up

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Roof Concern: My Roof Has Moss Build Up

April 19, 2017 Blog 2

Roof Concern:  I noticed that my roof has moss build up on it.  Is this a problem?

Type of Concern: Moderate

Moss is not an urgent concern when it comes to your roof, however if left untreated it can lead to potential problems. 

Typically, in the Pacific Northwest, we find moss on northern facing roofs with little sun exposure.  The spore like nature of moss is thick, rootless and it thrives in damp and wet locations.   These conditions make roofs a great place for moss to grow.

Large amounts of moss prevent proper water runoff from your roof.  It acts as a barrier and creates a pool in which water can sit rather than leave your roof. 

Course of Action:

Moss is a treatable problem.  There are premade sprays such as Spray and Forget as well as Wet and Forget.  These sprays can be used without any follow up work.  For a homemade and cheaper solution any water and bleach solution works with using a long handled brush to scrub off the moss. 

A large amount of moss could be an indicator of an old roof that has received little care or maintenance over the years.  If you know your roof is old, it would be a good idea to schedule a roof inspection to ensure that your roof is still doing it’s job.

Please do not use a pressure washer to remove moss from your roof.  Not only will pressure washers remove the moss, but they will remove or damage your shingles as well!  Also, if you do get up on your roof to scrub off he moss, please remember ladder safety tips that can be found here.

Need a visual?  Watch this YouTube video below to see how to remove moss from your roof!


2 Responses

  1. Max Jones says:

    I recently heard about roof pressure cleaning, and I think that being able to have a professional come and get our home washed off would be really helpful. I’m glad that you talked about moss being an issue in your article and how roof pressure cleaning could help get rid of the problems that moss could cause. I didn’t realize that moss could cause water pooling on the roof, so I think I’m going to have to get a pressure cleaning service to come and help us get things taken care of! Thank you!

    • lauraweldon05 says:

      Thanks for your comment Max. Just a hint of caution that you want to make sure that whomever is pressure cleaning your roof, knows what they are doing. We have seen bad situations where homeowners were trying to remove moss by pressure washing but ended up washing away a huge amount of granules!

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