Roof Concern: My Skylight is Leaking

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Roof Concern: My Skylight is Leaking

July 19, 2017 Blog 0

Roof Concern:  My Skylight is Leaking

Type of Concern: Urgent

First thing is first, if your skylight is leaking, the inside of your home is opened up to damage.  Not just water damage inside, but mold, mildew, rotted sheeting, damage to trusses, basically a whole range of damage occurs from a leaking skylight. 

Cause:  Anything from installation of skylight, roof installation, failed flashings, window seal failure and more.   The causes of a leaking skylight are vast and difficult to diagnose.  It would take a whole other post to just discuss the possible skylight failures that can occur.  

Course of Action:  PLEASE hire a professional!  We don’t say that haphazardly.  Some things homeowners can fix, like moss, and depending on your expertise (or attention to details and DIY videos) maybe replacing some shingles that blew off.  However, diagnosing a skylight leak is difficult, especially if you don’t understand roofing.  Get someone in there to fix that skylight.  That way if they screw up, it’s their warranty to fix it, not yours if you don’t fix it correctly the first time.  It will save you time and money to have someone else do it. 

Now if you really want to tackle this yourself here is a website to help you get started.

Again, our advice is to find someone who does skylight repairs.  Check out Angie’s List for a local business near you to help with your skylight problem!


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