Roof Concern: Water Spots Inside Home

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Roof Concern: Water Spots Inside Home

March 22, 2017 Blog 0

Roof Concern:  I am finding small water spots on the interior walls and ceilings.

Type of Concern: Urgent

It is important that you address the water spots asap.  Water spots mean that water is accumulating in an area where it shouldn’t be.  Having water spots on the walls or ceilings inside your  home tells you that water is getting to the sheetrock. 

Cause of Concern:  

Recognizing a roofing leak is a lot easier than figuring out where the leak is coming from.  A leak could be caused by a number of things.  Below are 3 common causes of roof leaks. 

1.       Shingles that are too old- These shingles either bubble, buckle, loose their granules, or become loose and get lost in a wind storm.  Either way these shingles do not protect your roof as well as they did in the years prior. 

2.       Moss– Moss build up can prevent the rainwater from running off the roof properly.  When there are large amounts of moss, pools of water can form and rest in an area on your roof. 

3.       Cracking Flashing  Old flashing can cause for leaking when it cracks and warps due to being too old also. If there are cracks in the metals used to waterproof the vents, valleys  and skylights in your home.

Course of Action:

If you already are experiencing water spots, it is time to call a roofing contractor to come and diagnose the problem.  It is urgent to get this taken care of as soon as possible to limit damage in your attic or other lumber that helps frame the house. Once your leak is fixed, regular homeowner roof maintenance and ground inspections can help prevent leaks before they become a problem.  Think you have a leak that needs repairing?  Contact The Roof Wizard at 866-Roofing and schedule your free estimate today!


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