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Roofs protect not only our families but everything we have built over the years.  It is important to make sure that your roof is in the right condition to do it’s job.  If you know you need a new roof or suspect an issue please call us at 1-866-ROOFING to schedule a free estimate!  Not sure what to expect when getting a roof replaced? We can help walk you through the roof replacement process.

1.  Do some research (Congratulations!  You are here doing research so step one is done!). To make your roofing experience a pleasant one it is best to understand the basics of what is  involved in the whole process. This way as the process to a new roof unfolds, there is a good general understanding of what is going to happen as well as what is involved.

2. Call for a  Free Estimate or Inspection!  Unsure if you need a new roof or will soon?  At the time of inspection we can discuss the roof’s condition as well as any other concerns our inspector can see or predict.  If you do need a new roof, we can work up an estimate for you as well, also free of charge.

3. Determine what type of roofing material would best suite your home.  There are so many different kinds of roofing materials today that it is important to take the time and decide what fits the aesthetics of your home, climate of your area and cost of the different materials.  We can install asphalt/composition shingles, metal panels, tile and install flat roof coatings.  Are you still uncertain what type of material is best for your home?  Call us and we can further discuss what options are available.

4. Call us at 360-652-4300 to schedule your roof replacement

5. To prepare for our arrival, we ask that you move potted plants, lawn furniture/decor, away from the house.  As the area around your home is clear, it is easier for us to work and protect your surrounding area.   Another precaution we take to protect your home is to put up tarps and boards to prevent roofing debris and anything else from falling on top of your shrubs and plants around your home.  Also, please clear your driveway so that we can have adequate space for our trucks to get as close to the home as possible. 

Finally, our roofing technicians come in and take care of the rest!  We tear off the old roof, dispose of it and install the new roofing material.  In addition, if there was an unforeseeable circumstance in regards to your roof (rotted roof decking etc) we will notify you as soon as possible.

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