Roofing Concern: My Shingles are Curling!

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Roofing Concern: My Shingles are Curling!

January 25, 2017 Blog 0


We are pleased to introduce a monthly segment called “Roofing Concern”. Here we will take common concerns about your roof and do our best to provide you the best information possible about that topic.

Roof Concern:  My shingles are bubbling or curling up.  What does that mean?

Type of Concern: Urgent

First, the curling shingle issue is not one to be ignored.  This can happen due to a variety of factors but the most important idea to understand is that your shingles are not properly protecting your roof anymore.  Any run off or moisture can get underneath a shingle that is lifted from the roof.  This can potentially cause leaking.

Cause of Concern:

There are multiple reasons for why your shingles can be curling.

  1. Age-  Shingles have “age” limits for a reason.  It is important to know and understand your warranty of the material on your roof.  With time, shingles may not hold up as well as they used to.  As time goes on the shingle adhesive wears out, and they become loose,
    brittle and therefore break easily. This most likely means it is time for a new roof.

  2. Inadequate Ventilation- If your attic is not vented properly the moisture from the house can cause the shingle to curl or buckle.

  3. Nails-As time goes on the nails in your roof can protrude due to the flex and bending of the roof decking over time. As the nails become vertically exposed, they can push shingles upward creating a curl.

  4. Improper installation- If your roof was not properly nailed this can cause movement of the shingles.    This movement can then cause the curling in the shingles as the shingles are not properly concerned.

Course of Action:

The best way to understand what your shingle curling means, is to call a roofing contractor for an inspection.  They will be able to safely determine the age of your roof, if it is properly ventilated, as well as how it was installed.

Are you in the Northern Puget Sound area and have a shingle concern?  Call the Roof Wizard by Allen Roofing and Construction today for your FREE inspection! 866-ROOFING or 360 652-4300.


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