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Without an actual estimate roofing costs can be difficult to determine.  However, when planning a new roof it is important to have an estimate in your head while you save for your budget.   Keep in mind that the state of your roof, potentially unseen damage, extra services and materials will greatly affect your budget.

To help provide you an idea of what your roofing costs may be, check out the following links:

Plug and Drop Roofing Calculator – Here you can plug in dimensions of your home into a roofing calculator to provide you a rough estimate about the cost of a new roof.

Here are some articles found on the web that can also give you an idea of the cost of a roof replacement.

Angie’s List- Average Cost to Replace Roof

Roofing Calc- Roof Replacement Cost

Home Advisor- 2016 Roofing Cost Estimate

Want a more detailed roofing cost projection? Call us and we can walk through what your roofing project will cost.  We can also discuss what options are available for your roof.   Contact us to schedule a Free Estimate!


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