Roofing in the Rain- 5 Ways it Works

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Roofing in the Rain- 5 Ways it Works

January 24, 2018 Blog 2

Rain: The Common Roof Replacement Concern

But it’s supposed to rain for the next 40 days!  How can you fix my roof in the rain!?

We often get concerns from customers about the winter weather. For here in the Pacific Northwest that mainly means homeowners are concerned about the rain and lots of it.

Rain during your roof replacement or repair is a valid concern. The whole point of roofing is to keep water out. So, when you are repairing and removing large sections of shingles (in some cases the entire roof) how is the rain not going to cause a problem?

Well, to be honest, rain can cause a problem. Rain on an open roof deck will damage your roof, no doubt. The real question is whether or not your contractor knows how to deal with the rain.

Having served the PNW for the last 27 years, we have experience with roofing in the rain. Here are some of the precautions we take in order to make sure your home is safe while we are working on your roof.

How We Roof Your Home While It’s Raining

1. Waterproofing Layer– As soon as the shingles leave the roof and the weather is bad, we install a waterproofing layer. This “paper” or “felt” (as it is known) keeps the rain out of your home until we can reinstall the shingles.

2. We Remove What We Can Replace– We only remove your roof in sections in the rain. This way we can get the waterproofing layer on asap. It keeps the open areas small and manageable. On a clear summer’s day, we can remove larger sections of your roof at a time before installing the paper. During the rain, sections are much smaller and dried in as quickly as possible.

3. Tarps– Tarps are a roofer’s friend! All of our crews carry tarps with them and use them as necessary. If you roof needs extra protection we have it on hand. If the clouds come in suddenly even on a summer day, we are ready for the rain!

4. Training– We train our technicians to ensure they know how to properly handle the rain. Since it is a frequent occurrence in our area, we know how to work with it.

5. Experience– We have 27 years of experience with working in the PNW. Some years are rainier than others. Nonetheless we know how to deal with that rain, and what to expect in the area. Every day we plan for rain, whether there’s dark clouds or not a single one in the sky.

The Biggest Factor …

No matter where you are located, good hiring practices will help you avoid any pitfalls. Whether it’s weather, proper installation, or responsiveness, do your homework and find a reputable contractor. That contractor will surely know how to handle the elements that frequent your area.


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  1. Ron Pickle says:

    Good roofing companies are always ready and well equipped to repair or replace the roof even in rainy conditions and its nice to see that you are one of them and loved the way you clearly explained the complete precautionary measures you take in extreme weather.

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