Solar Power Roofing Systems

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Solar Power Roofing Systems

April 4, 2018 Blog 0

What Solar Power Roofing System is Right For Me?

Between solar panels, integrated solar systems and Tesla’s solar tiles, we are seeing more and more options when it comes to renewable energy options.

However, solar energy becomes a bit more complicated when it comes to budget, type o f system, and feasibility.

Not all solar options are suitable for all roofs due to how your roof faces the sun, slope of the roof, intensity of the sun, and roof structure.

Solar Power Roofing Systems:

Below are two videos brought to you by Solar Power World.  These videos are part of their Solar Basics series and are created to provide more information about solar power.

The first video discusses the different types of solar mounting systems and options.



Alternative Solar Option

As mentioned earlier, not all homes can accommodate a solar roofing system.  It doesn’t mean that you have to give up the idea of incorporating solar power. This second video gives an alternative option to solar roofing systems; a solar ground system!



The Take Away

Incorporating solar power into your home is no small project! Take the time to educate yourself as to the options that are available.

Also, keep an eye on new technology!  Innovation is constantly developing in green energy.


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