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Ice Dam = Very Bad: Story of How My Basement Flooded

The Story of Ice Dams: How My Basement Flooded Once Upon A Time… Way back in 2017….(or last week)  I mentioned making home goals.  Today’s post is sharing the EMERGENCY SITUATION that occurred at my home last week. A story how neglected routine home maintenance created a basement flooding ice dam. See the above photo:…
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January 3, 2018 2

Melting Snow and Ice Dams: How they Effect Your Roof

We have all experienced colder than normal winter weather this season.  Many locations which don’t normally get snow and ice have it this winter, and those who normally get the snow and ice have more than normal.  Winter weather can have a great impact on your roof!  Below is information about ice dams and melting…
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January 18, 2017 3
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