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3 Things Homeowners Need to Know About Roof Vents

You see your estimate, and you wonder… “What are all these extra line items?”  Flashing, drip edge and vents… when you thought you just needed shingles for your new roof.  They’re all part of an integral roofing system.  While you aren’t thrilled that all of the extras will add to the price, they are absolutely…
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September 13, 2017 0

Why You Need Drip Edge

What is Drip Edge? Drip Edge is a type of flashing used on asphalt roofs.  It is installed under the shingles that are at the edge of your roof closest to your gutters.  The metal flashing lies between the paper and the shingles (but can also be installed under the paper).  With all the rain,…
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September 6, 2017 0

3 Reasons Why You SHOULD NOT Go Over Your Old Roof

First let’s clear up two common reasons people may want to do a “go over” (have a new roof layer installed on top of the old one). First, having 2 layers of roofing does NOT mean that your roof is more adequate to protect your home.  In fact, it may be mean just the opposite.…
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March 29, 2017 0

How Much Will A Roof Cost?

Let’s just cut to the chase.  Roofs can be expensive.  Of course, if you look at the area the roof covers, and what it does for your home, one would only expect it to cost a good amount of money.  That being said, the prospect of a new roof can cause stress due to the…
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February 15, 2017 6
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