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Roofing in the Rain- 5 Ways it Works

Rain: The Common Roof Replacement Concern But it’s supposed to rain for the next 40 days!  How can you fix my roof in the rain!? We often get concerns from customers about the winter weather. For here in the Pacific Northwest that mainly means homeowners are concerned about the rain and lots of it. Rain…
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January 24, 2018 2

3 Solutions When Roofing Nails Are Poking Through Your Soffits!

Nobody wants to have their roof replaced, look up at the eaves above your front porch and see roofing nails poking through!  It’s ugly! Believe it or not, those nails are most likely standard size according to state code and shingle manufacturers.  For example, CertainTeed’s manual states that roofing nails need to protrude the roof…
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November 1, 2017 1

3 Things Homeowners Need to Know About Roof Vents

You see your estimate, and you wonder… “What are all these extra line items?”  Flashing, drip edge and vents… when you thought you just needed shingles for your new roof.  They’re all part of an integral roofing system.  While you aren’t thrilled that all of the extras will add to the price, they are absolutely…
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September 13, 2017 0
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