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Blending in Your Gutters

When we talk about updating the exterior the two big projects that come to mind are the roof and the siding.  Whether it is a new roof, new siding or simply a new coat of paint, most often then not there is an update in color. Once you get going on changing up roof or…
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August 8, 2018 0

Inexpensive Exterior Improvements: Color

Color helps update and refresh any exterior.  You can use color to update your home in a variety of different ways that are cheap and easy.   Paint- Paint transforms any surface and is relatively inexpensive.  When it comes to best ROI projects, an updated front door tops the list.  This is largely due to…
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August 1, 2018 1

Invest Your Tax Return in Your Home

Invest Your Tax Return in Your Home Make a Plan for Your Tax Return Are you anticipating a tax return this year?  If so, it can be exciting to get a chunk of cash, but do you have plans for it?  It’s best to have a plan in place before you receive it. If you…
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February 7, 2018 1
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