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4 Things to Consider When Choosing Roofing Material

  1.      Climate– The location of your new roof, helps narrow down what types of roofing materials can be installed on your roof.  In the Pacific Northwest, there is a lot of rain and moisture and moss.  Asphalt shingles and metal roofs tend to work best in this climate.  In the Southwest, there is intense…
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April 5, 2017 66

Roof Concern: Water Spots Inside Home

Roof Concern:  I am finding small water spots on the interior walls and ceilings. Type of Concern: Urgent It is important that you address the water spots asap.  Water spots mean that water is accumulating in an area where it shouldn’t be.  Having water spots on the walls or ceilings inside your  home tells you…
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March 22, 2017 0

Roof Concern: My Gutters are Overflowing

Roof Concern:   My gutters are overflowing, does this mean I need new gutters? Type of Concern: Moderate It is important that the runoff escapes from your roof.  Standing water on your roof will only cause greater probability of a roofing leak in the future.  Making sure that your gutters are doing their job will help…
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February 22, 2017 0

Melting Snow and Ice Dams: How they Effect Your Roof

We have all experienced colder than normal winter weather this season.  Many locations which don’t normally get snow and ice have it this winter, and those who normally get the snow and ice have more than normal.  Winter weather can have a great impact on your roof!  Below is information about ice dams and melting…
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January 18, 2017 3

6 Tips to Remove Your Christmas Lights Safely

Time to take down those Christmas Lights! According to apartment therapy’s website, appropriate etiquette for light removal should occur between New Year’s Day and the 6th (the 12th day of Christmas or 3 Kings Day). Did you know that injuries related to Christmas light hanging has increased every year since 2009?  Falls, scrapes and cuts have…
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January 3, 2017 0

Exterior Home Maintenance Tips for 2017

Happy 2017 from all of us at Allen Roofing and Construction! Have you been mulling through your New Year’s Resolutions? Make home maintenance a goal for 2017! Here are some home outdoor maintenance tips and reminders for the upcoming spring: Roof: Check roof for missing shingles. Check flashing around chimney and valleys for damage. Check…
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December 28, 2016 0
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