Tile Roofing: Pros and Cons

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Tile Roofing: Pros and Cons

July 12, 2017 Blog 2

Thinking about choosing tile for your next roof?  Review our list of pros and cons of tile roofing to make sure you are making the right decision!



Longevity– Due to materials, tile roofs last longer than asphalt roofs. Tile roofs can have a lifetime of up to 100 years for a decent brand and proper installation. Asphalt does not last near as along. Typically, the best asphalt shingles only last 30 years!

Boral Barcelona Tile

Climate Friendly– Depending on where you live, tile may be the best option for you. Tile roofs hold up well to extreme heat especially in the Southern United States. Asphalt shingles become brittle and crack, losing their effectiveness in the heat. The same extreme heat does not affect a tile roof.

Environmentally Friendly– Tile roofs help keep your house cool in the summer time, thus reducing your energy consumption. This is particularly one of the reasons they work well in warmer climates. Also, tiles can be made from recycled tiles. Win! Win!

Look– Tile can greatly enhance the look of your home. Tile typically goes with stucco type homes found in the southwest, but newer slate/concrete tiles can leave northern homes looking sleek.

Fire Resistant– Instead of being made of flammable materials like asphalt shingles, roofing tiles are made from slate and clay. Slate and Clay have a low flammability.


S- Boral Tile


Difficult to Maintain– For starters, you can’t walk on them unless you know what you are doing and where you should be walking. Any wrong step can lead to breaking tiles. Also repair work isn’t as doable for the homeowner as it may be with an asphalt shingle.

Price– Tile roofing is more expensive. Again, the more durable the product, the more expensive it is. Also, the installation is more difficult, thus increasing the labor cost.

Installation– A tile roof only will be effective if properly installed. Your tile has to be installed correctly or else you can guarantee to have problems in the future. As it is a more complicated install, ensure that your contractor has some sort of tile certification before hiring for a tile installation.

Not Suitable for All Environments– Tile doesn’t work well in locations with a considerable amount of rain. Improper installation will most definitely leak as tile needs to be installed with precision.

Not for all Roofs– Tile roofs are extremely heavy. It would be wise for the home owner to check with a structural engineer to determine if the trusses can withstand the weight of the tiles. Do you have a low-pitched roof? Then tile is also, not a good choice for your home.

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  1. xinvites.com says:

    If you’re reroofing and replacing shingle roofing with tiles, you’ll need to hire an engineer in addition to a roofing pro to figure out where the structural reinforcement goes.

    • lauraweldon05 says:

      You are absolutely correct! While the look of tile is definitely appealing, it is more expensive not only for the material but the structural transition as well! Fantastic point! Thank you!

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