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Tile roofing is the most durable type of roofing available today.  With modern engineering, these roofs are supposed to last the duration of the building with very little maintenance.  If tiles do need replacing, they can be replaced one at a time. In contrast to metal panels and asphalt shingles a whole section of the roof needs to come off and be replaced at a time.

There are two main types of tile roofing: clay and concrete. The differences between the two types of tile not only include the look, but also the affect the product has on your building.  Variables between weight, appearance, and aging are aspects to consider when deciding between the two different types.  Here is a good website that gives an in depth look at the differences between clay  and concrete.

We install all types of Boral tile roofing products.  Below are some close up differences between the two.  For other color options and designs click on a picture to be redirected to Boral’s website.  Be sure to download and look at their Pacific Northwest Tile Brochure for more information about roofs in our area.

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