Understanding Roofing Warranties

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Understanding Roofing Warranties

July 26, 2017 Blog 0
roofing warranty

There are two different kinds of roofing warranties.  One is the Manufatcturer’s warranty for the product

1. The Manufacturer Warranty protects the homeowner in case the product that was installed fails.  If the shingles were faulty or didn’t do their job due to the product, and you incur damage on your home, the manufacturer’s warranty is what covers that damage.  It is specific to the product failing.

The most important thing to understand when it comes to your roof’s manufacture warranty, is that if it is NOT installed correctly, the manufacturer is NOT liable.  This would be the fault of the contractor that was hired to do the job.  If this is the case, hopefully your contractor has a labor warranty that he upholds to repair your damages.

2.  The Labor Warranty is provided by the contractor.  A labor warranty ensures that if the product was installed incorrectly, the installer or contractor will cover those damages. A roof that is not installed correctly will definitely have problems!

The best thing to do is to hire a certified contractor in the product that you want to have installed, as well as one that carries its own installation warranty.  This way the company not only has additional training in the product you choose, but they also have their own labor warranty!  This way if the install was faulty, you can have it fixed according to the contractor’s warranty.

Bottom line:  Hire someone who knows what they are doing!  If you want to go the cheapest route possible, Joe Roofer down the road may be a good choice for you.  But you run the risk of him not knowing how to properly install a roof.  A faulty installation, and no labor warranty means you’re out of luck if something goes wrong.


Choose your contractor wisely!  They may cost more, but when it comes to protecting your home, it’s best to go with someone who knows what they are doing!  Need help choosing a contractor?  Check out our Tips for Hiring A Contractor!  Ready to hire?  Call us at 260-652-4300 and get your free estimate today!


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