We Roof in The Winter and the Rain

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We Roof in The Winter and the Rain

January 23, 2019 Uncategorized 0

We find that customers are surprised when they find out we can roof their house in the winter months and the RAIN!

In the PNW, you have to master roofing in the rain.

Seattle on average has rain 159 days out of the year! That means it rains almost half the year!

We have over 25 years of experience of roofing the rain.

By only tearing off small sections at a time and immediately installing a protective layer, we keep the roof deck dry. This prevents any water damage that can occur when it is raining.

No water damage occurs. Your roof gets replaced. And you save time and money!

Wait, save time? How?

Oftentimes spring- fall seasons are extremely busy in the roofing world. Meaning it can be over 8 weeks until your roof gets replaced from date of estimate.

In the winter months wait times are much shorter.

What about saving money? How?

Before you call to schedule an estimate, find our ad on Angie’s List, Facebook or Google. Make sure to mention the specifics of the ad at the time of scheduling.

Call us at 360-652-4300 to schedule your free estimate.

If you need a roof, and to save some money, call before the weather gets better. Save some money, and get your job finished quickly.

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