What Are Those Sounds On Your Roof ?

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What Are Those Sounds On Your Roof ?

October 25, 2017 Blog 2

What the Sounds on Your Roof Mean…and It’s Not a Ghost

Are you having troubles walking by mirrors? Do you have dreams of seeing dead people? Your neighbor’s yard work with his chain saw freak you out? Are you hearing odd noises?

Yup! It’s close to Halloween and maybe you’ve been watching a bunch of scary movies. Sometimes it can be too many scary movies when you start hearing and seeing things… but don’t discredit all your paranoia yet!

If you are hearing sounds on your roof you may actually need to pay attention to them.

Sounds on your roof could mean that you have some extra unwanted house guests. Rodents of all shapes and sizes have been known to be the cause of attic noise.

Yes, rodents! Ew… Gross!

Next best step, call someone from a pest control company! Unless, you’re a DIY exterminator, then you’ll want to figure out what is up there. Here is a link  from a pest-control agency with a fantastic article on what sounds you hear at what times are which rodents!

Then you’ll want to exterminate those pesky pests. Here are a few good DIY Extermination articles:

Mice: http://www.wildlife-removal.com/mice-attic.html
Squirrels: https://www.wikihow.com/Get-Rid-of-Squirrels-in-the-Attic
Raccoon: http://www.247wildlife.com/raccoonsnareattic.htm
Opossum: http://www.wildlife-removal.com/opossum-attic.html

And if that doesn’t work, check Angie’s List for a list of your local professional exterminators. Maybe next Halloween you won’t have spooky noises coming from your attic!


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  1. Ron Pickle says:

    An invasion by rodents and pests not only could be nosily but then can cause lots of dirt in the house and adversely affect the hygiene of our homes.

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