Why You Need a Contract with Your Contractor

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Why You Need a Contract with Your Contractor

June 27, 2018 Blog 2

Importance of Contracts

Most people do not enjoy the remodeling/ home repair and contractor experiences.  It is tough to find someone who is reliable, trustworthy and performs quality work.  A contract can help the experience be a positive one when used with home repairs/remodeling.

Contracts protect not only the customer, but they also protect the contractor.  A contract acknowledges that you agree to the work that to be done, as well as the payment to be delivered for said work.  A signed estimate or bid is considered a contract.

Now, there are different types of bids.  Some that are open ended (mainly based on time and materials) and some are fixed (a general flat line cost determined by the contractor).   It is important to understand your bid and the expectations that come with that document.   

This post isn’t going to get into the specifics between the types of contracts, but rather why you need one.   

How A Contract Benefits The Home Owner

A contract ensures that the contractor completes the work outlined in the agreement. It protects the homeowner from any damage that is incurred due to negligence on part of the contractor.  Contracts also can specify the manner in which the work should be completed, the property treated and future expectations or labor warranty.

A contract also benefits the contractor.  

How A Contract Benefits The Contractor

A good contract specifies if and when additional funds may be needed, requirements of the homeowner, as well payment requirements.   It can also protect the contractor when he may find additional damage.  This excuses the contractor from  extra liability. This way he is not having to pay in labor and materials damage that had nothing to do with the project. 

Scary Things Can Happen Without A Contract

There are many stories where both contractors and homeowners are both victims due to not having a proper contract. 

One contractor was asked to do extra work for a customer.  Once completed, the customer insisted that he didn’t have to pay for it because it wasn’t in the initial estimate- the only document with the customer’s signature. 

Another time, a homeowner hired someone to complete a repair on his house.  Due to poor craftsmanship (he was probably just a neighborhood handy man) and no labor warranty the repair actually caused more problems than it fixed.  It left the homeowner with a huge bill due to more work needing to be completed. 

Contracts Guarantee Good Experiences

The more documentation you and your contractor have the better.  The better the communication between the two of you, the better.  Explain to your contractor up front that you want as much of the project to do’s to be in writing as possible.   Protect yourself and your contractor to ensure you both have a good experience.

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  1. Nowadays choosing a quality roofing contractor is a tough task. One must need to be careful and thorough in choosing. There are lots of scammers out there waiting for their next target. Thank you for sharing these tips in choosing a trusted roofer.

  2. Having knowledge about hiring roofers can really save you time and money. Thank you for sharing this guide. I really like the contents you post here. Keep it up!

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